Uroko $200 give away (click for details)

Hi, Midlife Surfer Podcast Listener,

This is the coolest giveaway since this half-ass surfpod’s inception in March of 2020, the lockdown year. Stuff was weird back then, and it’s pretty weird and depressing now. Thank God for surf talk, and cool clothing brands outta Santa Cruz, CA to lift our spirits.

Enter – the Uroko giveaway raffle!

Every $5 donation earns one raffle ticket to win $200 in Uroko threads. Simply click here to enter, or click Donate to the Pod! on upper left corner of this site’s home screen; and visit Uroko at www.uroko.com to check the fly shit.

A winner will be announced in say…4-5 episodes? Listen and find out.

I have my eyes on a mobile recorder called the Rodecaster, which would allow multiple guests on the pod, an upgrade from my limited two-mic iPhone set up.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have roundtable discussions on surf with Uroko’s Alex Czech and our dear, glider-loving friend Eric? Or surf bro Jason talking heavy waves and wooden boards with Timber’s Ryan Lynch? Or my two boys talking Bey Blades/Poke/Minecraft?!

In my little pod world, it sounds fun. I’m humbled at the friends we’ve made worldwide, thus far. And sincerely thank you for the support. Donation or not, I’m grateful you’re here.

Donate, win Uroko, and I’ll get that Rodecaster.

Thanks – and, as our buddy Eric likes to say, be kind to one another.


Jeff @ Midlife Surfer Pod