Monthly Archives: April 2020

006: Tuesdays with Eric

Surf buddy Eric is back. Hot talk includes surfing injuries, buckled brand-new boards, Covid localism, and police busting lunch-goers on a bench. Rejoice, for this is the fastest-growing surf podcast nor-merica, worldaahhhd. #VAL

Instagram: @midlifesurferpodcast

Produced by Adam Montiel

Intro/outro music: Playboi Carti “Magnolia”

005: Covid Goals

Surfing is illegal! More hot 7’10” egg talk! Milwaukee Bucks, Mason Ho, Backside 180s, and Covid Goals! Horrible sound quality!! Fastest-growing surf podcast — Nor’Merica, Worldwaaahhhhhd #VAL

Produced by Adam Montiel for questions, criticisms, and requests.

Insta: @midlifesurferpodcast

Music intro/outro: Tortoise “Benway” & “Six Pack”